Many Indian curries are delicious, and you are about to discover them. 6Curry can be defined as any dish that is made up of gravy, meat, vegetables, or lentils. Curry can be defined as a dish that is made up of gravy, meat, vegetables and lentils. Although curry is a common dish in India, the word itself may not be. Many theories exist about the origin of the term, and we will be revealing a few. It is believed that the Portuguese used carol or care to describe Indian-native broths. Colleen Taylor Sen wrote, “In Madhur Jeffery said that curry was as degrading as chop suey was for China’s great food.” She continues, “Traditionally, the term curry was not used in India by those who called their dishes korma or Rogan josh. Vindaloo, for example, was not an acceptable name.”

(10 Best Kashmiri Recipes)

Let’s move past the controversy surrounding the “curry”, and let’s look at the many Indian curries. This is your chance to get to know India, a vibrant nation that relies on spices, seasons and color. We have the best Indian curries, from Bengal’s Chindi Malia Curry to Coorg’s Pork Curry.

Bengali curries –Bengali food is distinguished by its use of’phoran’. This unique combination of five spices – cumin (nigella), fenugreek (fenugreek), aniseed, and mustard seeds – makes it stand out. Bengali curries are distinguished by the use of mustard oil, poppy seed, and turmeric, along with the sweetness of cinnamon and cardamom.

Kerala curries

The classic fish curry is made with coconut milk and kokum. It also contains mustard seeds, curry leaves, and a whole host of South Indian spices. Kadala curry is a black channa curry that is usually served with puttu and steamed cylinders made of ground rice. Avail, which is a popular Kerala curry, is made with seasonal vegetables, bananas and ash gourds, drumsticks as well as yam, coconut, and yam. Erissery is another popular Kerala dish. It’s a curry that uses vegetables, lentils, ground coconut paste, and roasted coconut. It can be made with beans, pumpkins or both. Vendakka is lady finger curry, bean thoran, and chicken or mutton stew. Mutton and chicken chunks cooked in light coconut milk-based broth will make your heart skip a beat.

Curries from Tamil Nadu

In terms of food and spices, the coast of Tamil Nadu has much to offer. First, they use precious pepper, also known as “Black Gold” in the 1400’s. Chettinad cuisine has a reputation for being one of the most spicy. The complexity of Chattian cuisine is attributed to pepper star anise and kalpasi, which are both stone flowers. Freshly plated Chattian Chicken gives off the scent of freshly ground spices such as bay leaf, turmeric, and tamarind. Chattian flavors can be used to flavor a wide range of seafood, chicken, and vegetable dishes.

Curries from the Seven Sisters

The Nagaland curries will make your taste buds smoky if you don’t like Chettinad foods. Raja Mirch and Jalokia are two of the most popular spices in the North East. Assam, Manipur, and Mizoram are also sparingly populated with fiery chilli.


Khar, another Assam dish, is made with raw papaya and pulses, chicken, mutton, or any other main ingredients. A duck curry made with local spices, pepper, and bottle gourd is another must-try dish ( lauki). Assumes also love Fish Tenga, which is a mild and spicy curry. This dish is tangy with lemon or tomato. The main attraction is Ou Tenga, also known as the elephant apple.

Guan Curries

A Konkani saying is “Rodham Books, Magi Moot” which means that you can’t think until you’ve had good food. This is what Guans and their food are all about. The vinegar cuts through the meat, and it’s absolutely magical! Portugese ruled Goa for more than 450 years. It’s no surprise that their food was heavily influenced. Goa is a place that makes us think of sun, sand, and delicious Goan sausages, which are thinly sliced and served with tomatoes, potatoes and chilli. After I’ve eaten too many of these, I enjoy looking through Goa’s curries, including the sweet potato curry, coconut kofta, Kokum Kadi and Vindaloo.

A Punjabi Kitchen

Perhaps the most well-known is the Punjabi kitchen. Some of the most popular are butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and chicken do piazza. Rajasthani platter has several curries that you should be excited about.

Kashmiri Curries

Mutton Rogan josh is the most famous Kashmiri curry. It not only sounds like royalty but also tastes like it. The author of “The Curry Cookbook: Exotic And Fragrant Curries” says that this Kashmiri delight was first adopted by Mogul chefs and has remained firmly rooted in North Indian cuisine. The dish was originally dyed with a Kashmiri natural dye called “rattanjog”, but tomato and chilli now do the trick.

Camellia Panjabi wrote in her book, “The Great Curries of India” that it was not popular to eat Indian food from the mid-sixties through early seventies. It was all about Continental. At the time, it was Indianized English or Chinese food. This is still a favorite to this day. It’s wonderful to know that Indian food is now not only loved but a top seller all over the globe.

We have compiled a list of the most important Indian curry ingredients to help you understand the Indian chart.

Dopyaaza – A curry with lots of onions

Makhanwala – A butter-based curry

Bhuna Ght – This is a dish in which lamb pieces are pan-fried in spices, and then cooked with curry

Kofta – Meatball Curry

Moilee – A coconut milk-based runny fish curry

Sorpotel– A vinegar-based pork curry

Tikka Masala – Chicken tikka in a tomato heavy curried

Salan – Chilly, peanut-based curry from Hyderabad

Korma – A thick curry made from yogurt, seed paste and nuts, with your choice of meats or vegetables

Chattian – A curry made with peppers from the coast of Tamil Nadu

This favorite Punjabi dish has been consistently ranked first in restaurants around the globe. Marinate the chicken and let it rest for at least one night. After it has been marinated, the chicken is roasted and then cooked in thick tomato puree and cream. This jaw-dropping recipe by Moti Mahal is now available at your home.

  • Kerala Fish Curry

You can see the tender fish being soaked in rich flavors such as tamarind extract and curry leaves, chili paste, tomatoes, coriander, turmeric powder, and chili paste. This simple curry is rich in authentic Keralan spices. It can be served with rice or appam.

  • Mutton Rogan josh

This delicious curry is a great way to get started with Kashmiri cuisine. Mutton is cooked with brown onions and red Kashmiri chili, which give it a rich, rustic colour.

  • Andhra-Style Chicken Curry

This recipe is for spice lovers. This Andhra-style chicken curry uses the essential ingredients of Andhra: cardamom and cloves, cinnamon, garam masala cashew, and small pieces chicken.

  • 5. Black Chana, Coconut Stew

This is one of the lighter Indian curries. It’s made with delicious vegetables such as eggplants, bottle gourd, zucchini, and coconut milk.

  • 6. Bengali Lamb Curry

Marut Sikka makes a mouthwatering lamb curry. The meat is marinated in yoghurt and turmeric powder.

Chicken Chettinad

  • Chettinad is one of the most spicy Indian cuisines. It is high in pepper, which makes it both deadly as well as delicious. This dish features medium-sized pieces of chicken, cooked in tomatoes, onions and cinnamon. It is a delight for the senses.

Dum Paneer Kali Mirch

  • A mixture of yogurt, cinnamon and cardamom. All cooked Awadhi-style. Dum pukth allows you to slow-cook your food in sealed containers so that all spices are well incorporated.

Salli Boti

  • Sali Boti, one of the most loved Parsi curries is made from succulent mutton chunks and cooked in tomatoes, onions and vinegar. This dish is rich in bold flavours such as turmeric and ginger and tastes best when accompanied by fried potato snacks.

Meen Alleppey Curry With Brown Rice

  • This traditional fish curry is from God’s country. It contains raw mangoes and green chilli. This curry is best served with a bowl steaming brown rice.


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