Navratri will be celebrated in India starting today. Food is an integral part, just like any other festival. Some people observe fast or vrat during Navratri. Many people eat vegetarians, but others opt for a stricter diet that eliminates certain foods completely. Even though festive rituals can keep us busy, a fancy meal might not be for everyone. You only need a vrat recipe, which is both delicious and simple to prepare. We have put together a list with seven easy-to-make dishes that you can make in 30 minutes.

1) Sabu dana Khichdi

This vrat recipe is one of our most loved and popular. It can be prepared in under 30 minutes. If you’re fasting, you can just soak some Sabu dana in water and add mild spices. Add peanuts to the mixture and you can enjoy.

2) Aloo Ki Kadhi

It is a quick and delicious way to fast. This recipe is sure to be loved by all ages. You can also add potato cubes to the delicious Kadhi, and enjoy it at mealtime.

3) Banana Walnut Lassi

Banana walnut lassi is a quick and delicious recipe that’s both healthy and tasty. This version of the classic lassi has walnuts added to it and retains the freshness of bananas.

4) Vratwala Chawla Dhokla

This fermented dhokla can be made with a special type of rice called Sarwat Chawla. First make a batter and let it ferment for at least 24 hours. Steam the batter and cut it into pieces. Garnish with coconut.

5) Vat Wale Aloo Reseda

This traditional aloo curry recipe is a popular dish during Navratri. This delicious lunch dish can be enjoyed while fasting by using sencha nagak or rock salt. It can be served with kuttu puris, roti, or both.

6) Kuttu Ki Puri

This recipe is simple to prepare and tastes just like regular purism. Kuttu-ki-puri can be made with buckwheat flour, also known as kotuku ahata. You can replace kuttukaaata because you’re fasting with singharekaaatta.

7) Vratwala Dahi Aloo

A vrat is a meal that includes potatoes. This recipe is a great alternative to regular fried potatoes. This boiled potato dish with curd is an absolute delight.

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