Halal burgers are made from meat and other ingredients that conform to Islamic law. A halal hamburger must not contain blood, pig-related products, or bacon. The burger can contain any combination of mustard and ketchup, except for these exceptions.

Halal in Arabic means “lawful”, covering many Islamic laws. Dhabi refers to Islamic laws that relate to slaughter.¬†Halal hamburgers in barrhaven¬†only contain meat from animals whose throats were slit and have been dedicated to Allah the Islamic God. The animal is then tied up and dried. The animal is then strung up and dried by an authority figure, including any Muslim, Jew, Christian or other person such as Sabaeans.

The basic structure of the hamburger is unchanged. The burger is still prepared the same as before. However, the burger company has taken extra steps to ensure that the meat used in the machine is halal.

Islam doesn’t require that you eat halal food, even a hamburger. If there are alternatives, the Muslim can eat a nonhalal hamburger. It is permissible to eat non-halal hamburgers if there aren’t halal burgers or other halal foods.

The decision to make halal hamburgers has drawn controversy in many countries, including France and Britain. France’s public officials expressed concern over replacing bacon with turkey in their menus. They claim this is against the freedom of non-Muslims to choose. British beliefs about animal rights and fair slaughter of cattle for meat are directly contradicted by the halal method of killing cattle to make burgers. Animal welfare groups have said that dhabiha causes severe suffering to animals. Others have not disputed this assertion.

Despite these protests the popularity of halal hamburgers has increased and many other fast-food items are now halal-friendly. This was done in order to support the growing Muslim population and avoid discrimination against Muslims. It remains to see if religious beliefs can be reconciled or if there is a compromise.

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